Life is the most precious treasure. Yet, some people don’t believe it, and commit suicide.

Tolstoy mentions in his book, A Confession: “Having understood the utter stupidity of the joke that is being played on them, and realizing that the blessings of the dead are far greater than the blessings of the living, and that the best thing of all is not to live, they act accordingly and instantly bring an end to this stupid joke, using any available means: a noose around the neck, water, a stab in the heart, a train on a railway line. There are increasing numbers of people belonging to our circle who act in this way.”

Although the history of human civilization has been a continuous search for happiness, people have been unable to find it; people still commit suicide. The more seriously they think about life, the more hopeless they feel, because they cannot find the purpose for their lives.

Those who commit suicide are not necessarily feeble minded. Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway are examples of talented, intelligent people who have committed suicide.

Today, some teenagers kill themselves. Their parents and teachers are unable to explain to them why it is important to live. Actually, they are unable to teach children how precious life is because they don’t know themselves.

Murder is considered the worst crime. Nevertheless, millions of lives have been taken because of racism, dogma, and political domination. These things happen because people don’t know why human life is precious. In other words, they don’t know the purpose of life.

When humans realize why life is so precious, and start moving toward the achievement of the purpose of life, any differences among them will be inconsequential. They will consider themselves brothers and peers and help each other to realize the purpose of life.

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