The purpose of life is "why we live," which is one and the same for everybody. The ultimate goal of life is to experience the real joy of being human. This joy can only be achieved when we accomplish the purpose of being born a human: the realization of absolute peace of mind and satisfaction.

Sakyamuni Buddha clearly taught this purpose of life through the following words: "It is so difficult to be born a human being, but here I am. It is so difficult to listen to Buddhism; however, I have now heard the teachings of Buddha. If I were not saved in this life, surely, I would never again have the opportunity." Sakyamuni Buddha expressed these words of exultation that we, too, will experience at the moment we achieve the goal of our lives.

We can fulfill the purpose of our lives only by listening to Buddhism and by embracing Amida Buddha's Hongan, the promise of Amida Buddha. The joy of being born a human is followed by the satisfaction of being able to listen to Buddhism. Not everybody has the gift of encountering the master that teaches true Buddhism. That's what makes human life so marvelous and precious. Sakyamuni Buddha taught that to be born a human being is a very rare opportunity and he warned us not to waste our precious lives because, in this life, we must achieve absolute peace of mind and satisfaction; this is our purpose.

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