Siddharta sat under the Bodaiju tree, and resolved: "I won't leave this place until I attain Buddha's enlightenment."
From this time on, several threatening demons including the temptation of lusty women and the desire for secular benefit became evil monsters in Siddharta's mind. They assaulted him and tried to overcome his resolve. However, Siddharta's endurance and spirit were as sturdy as a mountain, as deep as an ocean. He resisted them. Finally, at dawn on December 8th, when he saw the morning star, he achieved the highest level of enlightenment. Prince Siddharta was 35 years old. The true image of the three worlds, the past, present and future, and ten directions (the universe) were clear to him. He became the Buddha that guides all people to true happiness.
This was an astounding event! A human being became an ascetic and achieved the level of Buddha! For several weeks, Buddha enjoyed his enlightenment. He didn't believe that people of this world who yield to lust would understand the state of being Buddha. Not only wouldn't they understand it, but they might slander Buddhism and commit terrible evil deeds. He once faltered and thought of committing suicide. However, a very strong desire to share this profound dharma arose from the bottom of his heart. Buddha resolved to spread the true teachings to all people and his heart filled with joy.

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